The company ATREVIA has won a Gold Questar Award in the Country Brand category for its audiovisual campaign for the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador, PROESA (acronym in Spanish),  through the Country Brand Management of El Salvador.

The campaign "Where Great Opportunities Are Born" raised with the goal to attract investment in five key exportation sectors of the country: Textiles, Tourism, Agriculture, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic, and Plastic; focusing on the international markets such as the United States, Canada and South Korea.

ATREVIA was in charge of the developing and implementation of the media communication strategy and of the designing and production of  a Country Brand’s campaign general video, along with 5 sector videos that would put El Salvador as an attractive destination for export-oriented investments.

The agency worked in parallel all the preproduction and scripting part of the videos, to find the best locations for the footage and unified a common thread in the videos. A specialized team carried out the process of localization, identifying the most emblematic places for each piece. Once the entire preproduction and scripting part finished, the  recording for the different video formats proceeded with a team that traveled from Spain to El Salvador for 4 weeks.

The campaign achieved more than 46 million digital impressions, exceeding their goal by 106%, and it reached the eyes of more than 34 million people among the 3 target countries.

Source: prnoticias