Caja de Credito Metropolitana (Metropolitan Credit Fund), signed a Use License Agreement of Country Brand El Salvador, Great like our people, with the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA), with the objective of promoting the Country Brand nationally and internationally to show the world the potential that the country has to generate business and tourism. The event was chaired by the President of PROESA, Sigfrido Reyes and Vilma de Nuila, President of the Metropolitan Credit Fund

"With the signing of this Use License, we reaffirm the commitment to promote together with all the sectors of our society, under the brand’s umbrella: “El Salvador, Great like our people” that highlights the differentiating element that is our hard-working and entrepreneur people; and also displays the country as an attractive destination for investment, international business and tourism ", said the president of PROESA, Sigfrido Reyes.

"With this signature we are very proud to become the First Credit Fund country brand in El Salvador and to join this project, especially taking the slogan: Great as our people  as part of our strategies. Throughout 28 years we have been supporting the productive portion of the country and that is why we feel identified with it, at the same time this will help us to continue positioning ourselves as the microentrepreneurs' credit  fund and above all supported by Sistema Fedecrédito (an important finance network)", said the president of the board Board of Directors of Metropolitan Credit Fund, Vilma de Nuila.

This signing of the Use License agreement will allow the Metropolitan Credit Fund to make use of the Country Brand in the various informative materials, digital media, among others, all regulated by the Brand Use Manual.

This alliance, is added to the Licensing program of Country Brand El Salvador whose main objective is to strengthen national pride with the differentiating stamp of the brand, through Salvadoran companies that day by day work for economic growth and human development of the country.

To date, the Licensing program of Country Brand El Salvador, Great like our people, has more than 176 companies from various sectors such as: agroindustry, services, tourism, textiles and clothing, chemistry and pharmacy, among others.

To learn more about the activities of Country Brand El Salvadorand the companies that are part of the Licensing program, we invite you to visit our website: and follow our social networks: Facebook: @ElSalvadormarca; Instagram: @elsalvadormarcapais; Youtube: @ ElSalvadorMarcaPaís and Twitter: @pais_marca