Coffee is one of the most emblematic products of El Salvador, as it is a very important part of its history and national identity. The golden bean’s versatility has allowed the creation of different beverages such as coffee liqueur, an innovated product manufactured by one of the allied companies with Country Brand El Salvador, Castaneda Distribuidores.

The story began when through a program the company contacted with a Dutch advisor, who had several years of experience in the coffee area. He arrived at El Salvador and after analyzing the market environment and the competition, he taught them how to elaborate a coffee liqueur with  100% natural and totally Salvadoran ingredients, that’s what María José de Alvarado, Administrator of the Commercialization of Bosque Lya, narrated us.

Bosque Lya coffee liqueur started its production a little over 3 years ago. The coffee is recolated and toasted at Finca Bosque Lya, located on the mountain range Ilamatepec in Apaneca, being the Bourbon variety the main material for the production of coffee liqueur. Its differentiating value are the natural and Salvadoran ingredients. And even though it is an innovated product, it’s little known in the country, becoming a challenge to positioned itself in the local market.

Nowadays, the liqueur is produced in two versions, which are being identified by some buyers through social media and national fairs such as the Coffee Fair in Ataco. Bosque Lya seeks to show the advantages of using coffee liqueur such as using it in desserts like cheesecake and tiramisu, or in the preparation of  a cocktail or other beverages, or as a digestive support, this methods are just an example of the product’s versatility.

Besides coffee liqueur, Castaneda Distribuidores offers coffee grains in three categories: Bosque Lya, a coffee of strict height and it’s used mostly for export purposes; Don Eduardo, a coffee blend gather in the mountain ranges of Santa Ana and Ataco and its market segment are the companies who prefer a gourmet coffee; and Las Victorias, which is targeted to massive customers who seek accessible coffee but also has good quality. The  capacity for the coffee liqueur's production are 20,000 bottles a month, being Germany the first international market where this Salvadoran product is selling.

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