As part of the graduation of the second generation of the initiative “Cooking Together” (Cocinando Juntos in Spanish), a World Food Program(WFP) adapted program from Gastromotiva, counted for the first time with the presence of its founder David Hertz, a chef from Brazil who is passionate about social gastronomy.


David Hertz is a Brazilian chef who visited many countries from the continents of Asia, Europe and America when he was younger. In 2006, he founded the social program Gastromotiva for all the youth of his community to get cooking learning experiences so they could generate an income to get a better quality life for them and their families. Nowadays, the program has shaped more than 5000 young adults all over the world. Hertz, exchange experiences for the first time in El Salvador with students of the second generation of the program WFP- Gastromotiva on two important events as part the completion of their hard cooking preparation. On December 10th, at the Cuscatlán Market, was held the culinary contest “Cooking Together” and on December 11th, was the graduation ceremony at the Francisco Gavidia University facilities.


The culinary contest “Cooking Together” had the participation of the WFP-Gastromotiva program students and Salvadoran chefs Frank Arévalo, Alexander Herrera and Gracia Navarro, the last two are part of El Salvador’s Country Brand alliance companies which they promote the best of the Salvadoran gastronomy. Everybody got the chance to share special moments with David Hertz. Hertz, show all the time his amazement and admiration for the Salvadoran gastronomy and the work made by the students and chefs in the kitchen.


After the graduation ceremony was held, David Hertz did the speech “The Transforming Power of Social Gastronomy” in which he encouraged the attendants to use the power of food to continue contributing to the development of El Salvador and to unite people and communities to reduce social inequality.

“I’m amaze with the Salvadoran cooking, I didn’t imagine it like this, definitely El Salvador can show itself to the world with a better image through its gastronomy”, Hertz claimed.


WFP Gastromotiva is a professional cooking training course for the youth in which includes 200 intensive hours and an internship at important allied restaurants such as El Pinche, Café Juan Valdes, Crepe Lovers, Go Green, Multibanquetes and more. The preparation lets them obtain labor opportunities so they can get a better quality life and have a nutritious and appropriate diet. As of now, the project is coordinated by the WFP and has the support of different entities such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Creative Associate donations, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, the Francisco Gavidia University, and others.


For more information about this activities or the WFP Gastromotiva program, visit the WFP website: www.wfp.or/es or follow their social media: Facebook: Facebook: @ProgramaMundialdeAlimentos, Twitter: @wpf_es, Instagram: @GastromotivaSV & @wfp_es


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