Country Brand Ambassadors Program
What does it mean to be a Country Brand Ambassador?
It means to be a representative of the country, with an outstanding trajectory, great degree of leadership and influence in positioning El Salvador as a great place for investment, commerce and tourism, highlighting the pride of being salvadoran through our culture, music, sports, gastronomy and values.
Who can be a Country Brand Ambassador
  • Entrepeneurs
  • Fashion Designers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Gastronomists
  • Historians
  • Scientists
  • Innovators
  • Among others
Duties of an Ambassador

Dr. Víctor Saca, Businessman

He has held many roles related to maintaining the overall health of the population since 1966. The altruism and generosity he displays has been a highlight of his work life.  From his businesses he supports the development of arts, music, philosophy and his native customs.

His business trajectory, social responsibility, creativity and innovation have earned him over 11 prizes and accolades, and his businesses are also involved in coordinating efforts with over 100 institutions, foundations, associations and entities at a national and international level.

Of particular note are his appointment as Consul for the Republic of Poland in El Salvador in 2011 and the honor of being selected to be a part of the book: “A 100 Stories I always wanted to know”

He has held an active role in 13 positions in the following trade associations:

Salvadoran Industrial Association (ASI), Salvadoran Association for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries (INQUIFAR), Oversight Board for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Professionals, Progressive Action for Students of Chemistry and Pharmacy (APEQ), among others. In 2014, the program “Empresa Modelo”, which honors businesses’ commitment to ethical standards and better business practices, gave first place to VIJOSA Laboratories.

Alejandro Méndez, Barista

Alejandro is a world champion barista, from 2011’s World Barista Championship in Bogotá, Colombia.  There have been twelve world champions and Alejandro Mendez is the first from El Salvador, and the first and so far only one to originate from a coffee-growing country in Hispanic America
A barista is a “coffee bartender”.  Alejandro entered this world looking for a job in a coffee shop, not knowing anything of the bean that would someday take him around the world.

Alejandro wished to study languages, but the time was not right.  Little by little he learned a different language that served him to describe a cup of coffee, a language to describe poetic aromas, chocolate or caramel, fruity notes, acidity, body, intensity, brilliance, sweet-sour, cleanliness and temperature.

He is no longer competing, keeping his #1 status in this world few know about.  He has over 10 years of experience in the world of coffee, helping place El Salvador in the map of special coffees.
He is currently the founder of 4 Monkeys Coffee Roasters, El Salvador, as well as founder of 5th Element Coffee, Madison WI, USA.

He has travelled to over 27 countries, representing El Salvador in world coffee fairs, providing talks and consulting on this product.

Rossemberg Rivas, Costume Designer

This multidisciplinary artist is a designer by trade, but has been involved since childhood in music, art, theatre, ballet and photography.  He has decided to combine the impulsiveness of art with systematic aspects of design in order to manage his talent. This method has allowed him to enter salvadoran show business through stage design and costumes for theater, contemporary dance, performance conceptualizations, happening and movies.

Rivas specialized in costume design in New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology.  His stay in this cosmopolitan city allowed him to immerse himself in tools that opened doors to prestigious international venues such as Cirque Du Soleil and Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval.  In honor to his first decade in show business, the Art Museum has staged his first temporary exhibit, showcasing his career as a show designer.

The quality of his work secured him a spot in the very demanding Cuban cultural scene. He became the first salvadoran designer to work in the famous Tropicana in La Habana. Shows at Tropicana enjoy world-class prestige of over seven decades of productions. His shows feature over two hundred dancers and over thirty scene changes.

Max Méndez, Vocals for Frigüey

39 years of age and originating from Santa Ana,  the first time he stood on stage and realized he could be paid to do what he loves — playing guitar and singing — he was 14 years old.  “Since then I started, let’s call it a career in music”

He provides vocals and guitar for the latin rock band FRIGÜEY, he is active in social media, cultural promoter, producer and musician in El Salvador.  He graduated in Communication Sciences.  As a musician, he has toured the breadth and length of El Salvador, Central America, Colombia, Mexico and the US multiple times since 2005.  As a cultural promoter, he has participated in important markets and musical festivals in the United States, Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Spain.  Max is founding partner of Híbrido Productions since 2005 and is part of the Association for the Development of the Music of Iberoamérica (ADIMI), the Association for the Promotion of the Music Industry of El Salvador (AFIMES) and has participated as producer for several other artists’ tours, in El Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and the US.

Gabriel Granadino, Painter - Illustrator

Gabo is a 33 year old salvadoran visual artist and musician.  At the start of the decade,  he found his style while traveling through Barcelona, Spain.  At that time Gabo dedicated himself to reinterpreting the commonplace and the internal.  He exhibited his works of that period (2011-2012) in the Spanish Cultural Center under the name “Cold hands… Warm Heart”

During his trajectory making illustrations and murals, his notable works are:
• “The beach of sin” in the gallery Imaginatorio Artspace, Guatemala. 2014
• Intervention “Sensual Horse” Spanish Cultural Center, San Salvador. 2014
• Intervention “El Viejo Janano” La Casa Tomada, San Salvador. 2014
• “Live Lake” Premiere Productions, Coatepeque. 2014
• “LOVE S.V.” Premiere Productions, San Salvador. 2014
• Mural for Mayakua Coco offices, San Salvador. 2015
• Mural for Pager offices, New York. 2015
• Mural for daycare for Puerto de La Libertad. 2016
• Mural “The world is a stage” Luis Poma Theater atrium, 2016
• Mural “Picasso on a Coaster” Facade for the Spanish Cultural Center in San Salvador, 2017.

• And the livin’s easy, UntitledBCN Gallery, Barcelona, España (2012)
• Museum of Art auction, San Salvador, El Salvador (2012)
• Crazy Water (collective exhibit), Spanish Cultural Center, San Salvador, El Salvador (2014)
• Goodbye Horses (personal exhibit), La Casa Tomada in the Spanish Cultural Center, San Salvador, El Salvador (2014)
• Artspace, Guatemala City, Guatemala (2014)
• Welcome to The Jungle (personal exhibit) , French Alliance of San Salvador, El Salvador (2015)

Raquel Cañas, Fashion Blogger

Raquel has been named Salvadoran Ambassador in Miami Fashion Week 2014 and 2016 through her work as one of the most recognized fashion blog creators in El Salvador, and one of the most influential in Central America.  Having attended several of such prestigious events, she has made friends with some of the most influential people in every country in Latin America.

She has represented El Salvador by wearing outfits by salvadoran designer in national and international events such as:
•New York Fashion Week 2014, 2015, 2016
•Miami Fashion Week 2014, 2015, 2016
•Nicaragua Diseña
•Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, 2014, 2015, 2016

With over 200,000 followers, she tries to showcase the best in El Salvador, and feature images of the best, most talented salvadoran designers.  She has been a feature in magazines and international media such as Elle and Vogue, in 100% salvadoran outfits.

In 2016 she was on the cover of one of the most important editions of Hola! magazine, and in March 2017 Elle magazine included her in its anniversary edition as one of the 30 most influential women in El Salvador.

Enot Rubio, Businessman

Enot Rubio Parada, 54, salvadoran citizen living in the United States, originally from cantón El Piche, municipality of El Carmen, La Unión, was honored by El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly when he was named “Distinguished Citizen of El Salvador” due to his altruistic activities in favor of salvadoran society.

This accolade recognizes over 18 years of labor by Rubio and those who make up the Board of Director of Comité Salvadoreño El Piche, as well as those sponsors, volunteers, compatriots and friends across Latin America that have helped towards the development and growth of our dear El Salvador.  Comité Salvadoreño (Salvadoran Committee) El Piche was founded in 1995 in Los Angeles, California.  Through the years, a group of approximately 60 people helped by sending money to repair the streets of that community.

Currently, the Committee has the support of members of different nationalities who are motivated to work together for the improvement of different communities and to help those in need regardless of religion, nationality and political affiliation.  Enot credits the help of the Committee with the creation of over 3 clinics, 5 schools, 144 permanent houses, two community centers, a sports center, and a 9-kilometer road over the last 18 years.

Josselyn Alabí, surfer

Buoyed by her studies and values, she is passionately living her dreams and blazing trails in sports in El Salvador and the world.

Her mission is to inspire children and teens from El Salvador and worldwide, to always give the best of themselves, follow their dreams and break limits, while being happy and firm in their values. Her vision is to become a professional athlete in SUP surfing in El Salvador, capable of representing and inspiring her country and people in the best possible way, thus changing the sporting goods industry of El Salvador.

Josselyn stands out due to her professionalism, teamwork, solidarity, leadership, optimism and perseverance.

Alabí has graduated in Economics from Doctor José Matías Delgado University and has completed the course “How to change the world” from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.  In surfing, she won gold in the Bolivarian Beach Games of 2016, Number one in the national SUP ranking in 2016, and was in the Worldwide Top Ten in 2014. She participated in the Central America Surfing games and won silver in 2014. She has also participated in countless competitions in El Salvador and Guatemala.  Most recently in 2017 she participated in the World Surf Championship set in Denmark, representing El Salvador.

Alfredo Atanacio, Businessman

This 34-year old salvadoran has always been an entrepeneur, proactive, a dreamer that is excited with every project he is involved in.  Since he graduated in 2006 he has always had an enterprising spirit.
He is co-founder of Uassist.ME, a company with over 160 virtual assistants that provides services to growing enterprises, executives and businesses all around the world.  In 2015 he co-founded POINT, the first business center in El Salvador dedicated to entrepeneurs.

He is currently developing LIVE, a new housing concept for young students in San Salvador’s Historical center.

He is also a co-author of “The Country That’s to Come: A Compromised Generation”, and is an op-ed columnist in El Diario de Hoy, a salvadoran newspaper.

In 2013, Alfredo was named one of the 30 best entrepeneurs in their 30’s by Inc. Magazine (a prize shared with the founders of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Spotify).  Uassist.ME was awarded the People’s Choice prize in Empact Showcase in 2011, he is also a Fellow in the Aspen Global Leadership Network and part of the Class at CALI.




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