El Salvador celebrates two years of promoting nationally and internationally through its Country Brand which is considered as a strategic platform that displays the country as an attractive destination for investment, international business and tourism, and showing the world its identity, culture, traditions, gastronomy and especially the pride of being a Salvadoran.
Country Brand El Salvador was launched on March 28, 2017 under the slogan "El Salvador, Great like our people " which refers to El Salvador’s differentiating element: its people whom are recognized as hardworking, entrepreneurs, talented and competitive that transforms their ideas into quality products that are exported to different markets in the world.
El Salvador, Great like our people since its launch, has implemented the strategy called "From the inside out" developed in three stages: National Pride, International Visibility and Conquering Possibilities.
Within the National Pride stage, two key programs have been developed, one of which is the Country Brand’s ambassadors, made up of Salvadorans who stand out for their personal and professional achievements. The first generation that was known on the day of its launch is integrated by Víctor Saca (entrepreneur), Enot Rubio (Salvadoran abroad), Alfredo Atanacio (Entrepreneur), Gabriel Granadino (Illustrator), Alejandro Méndez (Barista World Champion, 2011), Rossemberg Rivas (Artistic Designer), Max Méndez (Musician), Raquel Cañas (Lifestyle-fashion Blogger), Josselyn Alabí (Surfer). Since their designation until December 2018, more than 50 activities had been carried out nationally and internationally highlighting the Salvadoran pride.
Within the framework of the Second Anniversary, the Second Generation of Ambassadors joined the promotion of national pride, which is integrated by Antonio Safie (entrepreneur), Violeta Martínez (Businesswoman-Entrepreneur), Federico Paredes (Archaeologist), Mario Ruiz (Intellectual - entrepreneur), Arturo Menéndez (Filmmaker), Egly Larreynaga (Actress), Evelyn García (Athlete-Cycling), Marcelo Arévalo (Athlete-Tennis Player), Nory Flores (Singer) and Shaka and Dres (Duo Singers).
"Being named a Country Brand’s Ambassador comes to give a stamp to my 50 year career as lead singer of Los Hermanos Flores and Musical Ambassador of El Salvador, I feel honored to be able to contribute to the country through my musical experience", Nory Flores, singer of Los Hermanos Flores said.
The other program in which national pride is projected is the Licensing Program, through which Salvadoran companies use the Country Brand in their products and services as a seal of quality and a differentiating element in the market. Currently Country Brand has 200 companies which come from sectors such as Agriculture, Tourism, Services, Food and Beverages, Textile and Clothing, among others.
"For us it has been an honor to have our Country Brand products, since our vision as a company is to take the best we have and show it through our products with the highest quality standard," said Erika Bendek, owner of Moringa Boomtree.
Country Brand El Salvador has become a symbol of unity that allows us to show the world our identity, the differentiating value to compete and the immense possibilities that the country offers. In its first two years, there have been significant results, among them more than 300 activities were held at national and international level in coordination with different public and private entities reaching more than 3 million people; 15 cooperation agreements were signed with key institutions for the promotion of the brand and 5 strategic alliances with international organizations have been consolidated. Likewise, an international campaign was carried out in specialized magazines and digital media in the United States, Canada and South Korea, which achieved more than 46 million impressions.
The work coming from different sectors of the Salvadoran society added with the promotional effort of Country Brand has made, El Salvador raised three positions for the first time in the Country Brand Index 2017-2018, in which the perception of brands in Latin America is measured.
El Salvador, Great like our people has become a key strategy to promote the consumption of local products, highlighting the Salvadoran pride and demonstrate the great strengths that the country has; becoming an opportunity to show that El Salvador is much more than what it is been said about it.
To learn more about the activities of Country Brand El Salvador, we invite you to consult our website: www.ensalvador.sv and follow our social media: Facebook: @ElSalvadormarca; Instagram: @elsalvadormarcapais; Youtube: @ ElSalvadorMarcaPaís and Twitter: @pais_marca