Enot Rubio Parada, 54, salvadoran citizen living in the United States, originally from cantón El Piche, municipality of El Carmen, La Unión, was honored by El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly when he was named “Distinguished Citizen of El Salvador” due to his altruistic activities in favor of salvadoran society.

This accolade recognizes over 18 years of labor by Rubio and those who make up the Board of Director of Comité Salvadoreño El Piche, as well as those sponsors, volunteers, compatriots and friends across Latin America that have helped towards the development and growth of our dear El Salvador.  Comité Salvadoreño (Salvadoran Committee) El Piche was founded in 1995 in Los Angeles, California.  Through the years, a group of approximately 60 people helped by sending money to repair the streets of that community.

Currently, the Committee has the support of members of different nationalities who are motivated to work together for the improvement of different communities and to help those in need regardless of religion, nationality and political affiliation.  Enot credits the help of the Committee with the creation of over 3 clinics, 5 schools, 144 permanent houses, two community centers, a sports center, and a 9-kilometer road over the last 18 years.