Wilfredo Avilés is known as Will Celica. He is a Salvadoran who lives Soccer with such intensity that he has gone to 8 consecutive Soccer World Cups. Will is from Lourdes Colon , La Libertad and he emigrated to The United States in the 80’s. His first World Cup was Italy 1990 and from this moment he never missed one. His passion for this sport has led him to enter in the Guiness Record book for his participation in 8 consecutive world Championships. What started as a dream, it became an adventure and now, it’s  a tradition.

Read more about the 8 cups of Will in the following interview:

From where  your passion for soccer was born?

Soccer is the most popular sport in El Salvador so when I was a child I played it with my neighbors every day. I remember that during 1978 World Cup I went to buy at a store that was in front of my house, there was a TV on a sport channel so I stayed to watch Perú’s game with another team. In that moment I was shocked and I said: “God first that someday I will be in a World Cup”

How started the World Cup’s adventure?

The Italy’s World Cup was coming soon so a friend told us “The World Cup is soon and is going to be in Italy, we could go” all my friends said “yes” except me. I was not sure to go in the beginning because I was working, but my brother told me: “I have a Discover card, I’m going to buy your airplane ticket,” and that is how we went to our first World Cup. At the inauguration,  I enjoyed one of the most incredible matches which was Argentina vs Cameroon.

What does Soccer means to you?

Soccer has given me more joy than sadness. For me is like a therapy in my job because in The United States life is accelerated. Soccer has rescued me. I’ve been three times in Venice, and also in Paris, London, Japan, Africa and Russia.

Until this moment, what was the World Cup that you liked the most?

Until now, the recent one in Russia because all in it was incredible. People helped you if you were lost, the food was excellent, everything was clean, the feeling in the street was like an eternal party, and the cities were spectacular. I had no complaints. Definitely, Russia is a first level country.

Between 8 world Championships, what was the best opening that you have seen?

The opening of Germany 2006 was incredible, it was a great show and the way that they receive us was unique.

What was the best Soccer game that you have seen in a World Cup?

It’s a very difficult decision, but I choose Argentina vs Cameroon, which was the first Soccer game of a World Cup I’ve been.

Who is your favorite Soccer player?

Maradona, because in Soccer no one is better than him. After him is the “Mágico Gonzalez” who is a Salvadoran Soccer legend.

Right now, who could be a Soccer player whom you admire?

Messi definitely, because of the way he plays and for his history.

Between the 8 World Cups in which you’ve been, what is the city that you liked the most?

Venice, is like a dream to be there, I said it because of their life style, their history, culture and gastronomy.

What was the most delicious food that you’ve tried?

In South Africa’s World Cup, I ate a crocodile tail consommé, from that moment on it has been my favorite dish , because it is unique and exotic and I think it is the only country where it can be consume.

What will be your assistance record to the World Cups?

My dream is to be in 10 World Cup Championships and tell my story as a Soccer lover to inspire people who do not dare to live this experience that it changes  your life.

How do you describe all the emotions you have lived at these World Cups?

They are incomparable. I like the inaugurations and those are my priority in the World Cups. It’s incredible know that the world’s eyes are on this event. The energy that I’ve felt is incomparable to no other.

What is your recommendation to all the youth who also dreams to be in a World Cup?

Work hard and save money, It is beautiful to live an experience like this. Nothing is impossible. Traveling changes your life and you learn to see life from different points of views.